Welcome to Breeze

We've worked hard so that most tasks can be performed in 2-3 clicks.

Breeze in 10 Seconds

  1. Click Quick Edit and move your mouse over any item.

      A red box means it's hidden the world
      click the  icon to make it visible/invisible

  2. Use the pop-up toolbar to make changes
  3. Your site will update instantly



Breeze in 10 Minutes

First, let's get familiar with the menu on the left - click on any section to learn more. Then, we'll build content for your site. 




Provides a detailed view of your pages and content

click <page>

Move Page

- click on a page and then drag & drop it to the desired spot

Rename Page

- click on desired page
- click on the <pencil> icon in the top of the rightmost window
- type a name in "Page Title"
- click <save and close>

Hide Page

- click on desired page
- click on the <pencil> icon in the top of the rightmost window
- click <access> tab
   - OPTION 1: Hide page for everybody
- click "Disable"
   - OPTION 2: Hide page in menu only
- click "Hide"
- click <save and close>



Preview your site on different devices like mobile phones

- Be sure your Breeze window is maxmized
- click "View"
- Click the page you want to test
- Choose a width from the dropdown

See it in Action



Advanced view of all records


- click "List"

- click "Comments Storage"



Undo deleted content

TIP: Instead of deleting content, hide it! That way, you'll always a backup of your content!

- click "Recycler"
- click the page with the content you want to recover
- in the "Table" dropdown, click "All Tables"
- click the content element you want to recover and then click "undelete" at the bottom

See it in Action





See who's viewed your site

- click Statistics
- click your home page to view all stats or any inner page to view stats for just that page
- on the statistics dashboard, click the "Choose Your Site" dropdown in the top right corner, and then choose your site to load its statistics
- click the top tabs and explore who's visiting your site




Manage files - upload, delete, create folders

1.) click Filelist
2.) click your "Storage" drive

Upload Files

1.) click <upload>
2.) choose a file to upload

Create Folder

1.) click <new>
2.) provide the name(s) of the desired folder(s)

Delete File

1.) click the <icon> next to the file
2.) from the pop-up menu that appears, click "Delete"

See it in Action

User Tools

User Settings

User Settings

Change your password and tailor Breeze to you

- click "User Settings"

Change Password

- click the "Personal Data" tab
- enter new password
- click <Save>

Change the Default Start Screen
(the window you see when you login)

- click the "Startup" tab
- change "Startup in the following module"

See it in Action



Quick Edit

Quick Edit

Make updates to your site in seconds

- click "Quick Edit"
- click on any content element to make it edittable (note: elements with a red border are hidden)
- make any changes desired using the toolbar
- changes are saved as soon as you click away from the content element

See it in Action

Creating a Web Site

The text, images, tables, and videos that make up your site are called content. Each page consists of one or more content elements that are arranged one after another. They can be moved, copied, hidden, and deleted. 

Once you're comfortable with the menu and page structure, you'll find it easy to create content for your pages.

Here's how to make a functional site from scratch:

1.) Upload Files

Before we can work with the pages, we need to upload all the files we'll be using. Utilize the "Filelist" for this task:
- click "Filelist"
- click the <up> icon in the rightmost window to upload a file(s)

2.) Create Content

Once you have files in place, you can do anything with them: Create text, add images, link to videos, make photo galleries, and more! The most common task is text with images:
- click on a page, move your mouse into the rightmost window, and then click the <+> icon that appears
- choose "Text & Images"
- enter a heading, text, etc.
- click the "Images" tab
- click "Add Image"
- in the pop-up window showing your files, select an image- tweak your photo with "click to enlarge" or click the "Appearance" tab and modify size/position

3.) Go Further ... and Have Fun!

That's it! Now that you're familiar with Breeze's interface, try some advanced features like adding videos, hiding content, undoing an action, viewing statistics, and using the recycle bin. Check out these videos:

Inserting Videos

Hiding and Deleting Content

Undoing an Action

Viewing Recycle Bin

This welcome screen and tutorial were created using the exact same tools you see on this page!